Our Mission

Champions For Better Business (Champions) is a non-profit organization, which was formed to aid communities’ business sectors against decline, thereby mitigating community deterioration. During uncertain times such as these, Champions works with businesses to prevent closure or relocation from communities in which the businesses operate.

Champions’ initial efforts are focused on assisting hotels where low occupancies have caused financial distress. This moment of low occupancy presents hotels with the opportunity to upgrade to new Furniture & Fixtures & Equipment (FF&E) with minimal disruption to hotel guests and operations. Upgraded FF&E and other improvements could enable these hotels to capture higher pricing and greater occupancy.

Champions also works with developers who are repurposing hotels into apartment buildings or some other venue type. The program and benefits to developers match those delivered to hoteliers.

Champions will facilitate the renovating or repurposing of hotels by reducing the work and cost of removing existing FF&E by:

  • Offering Tax-Deductible Receipts For FF&E Donations
  • Liquidating FF&E with local businesses, consumers, and charities
  • Providing professional and experienced FF&E deinstallation and removal services

On behalf of my colleagues, we look forward to being of service.

Freddy Kalles